Office 365: Word Online

Office 365: Word online

Tutorial for Office 365 and it's applications. This tutorial will walk you through Word Online. Office 365 contains access to multiple applications that can be useful to you. To learn more about other applications simply click one of the links below or watch the webinar at



Applications on Office 365:

- Yammer

- Project

- Sway

- Word Online

- Excel Online

- Outlook

office 365 login screen requires email and passwordTo login to Office 365 go to Login with your Net-ID and password. Once you do so you will have access to all of the applications discussed. Click the Menu Icon to the left of the title. Locate the Word Icon. 

office 365 menu icon created with squares

application list includes yammer application


Once within Word Online you are directed to either create a New Document or open one of the Recent documents. As you can see Word Online looks very similar to your desktop version. 






Now that you have opened a Recent document you can see that there are various new options in the Preview mode. 

Not only are you able to Edit the document, however you can directly Print and Comment with collaborators on the document without having to open it. 

Lastly you can easily Share the document with others directly by clicking the Share option. 

Once you click Share you can share by copy & pasting a link, or Inviting people in your contacts. To do this select the Invite People option and fill out the form. The require sign-in check box should be checked so that no one with the link can simply just edit. 

Also make sure that the permissions on the dropdown menu on the right are as you desire. Make sure that they can edit if they need to. 

To view all those who have access select Shared with. You will then be able to view a list of collaborators. 



To Edit Document select the option above. After which you will be directed to a familiar screen where you can continue to work on the document. All tools are very similar to the older version of Microsoft Word. 






Save Online

The benefit of using Office 365 Online is that everything is saved to the Cloud, or in this case OneDrive. All documents can be found by clicking the icon to access OneDrive. There is no Save icon, because you do not have to Save. Everything online is being saved automatically. If you want to download the document open it and select File, then Save As. This gives you the option to Save a Copy or Download to your computer.