Office 365: Teams

Office 365: Teams

MS Teams LogoTutorial for Office 365 and it's applications. This tutorial will walk you through  Teams. Office 365 contains access to multiple applications that can be useful to you. To learn more about other applications simply click one of the links below or watch the webinar at



Applications on Office 365:

- Yammer

- Project

- Sway

- Word Online

- Excel Online

- Outlook

- Teams

office 365 login screen requires email and passwordTo login to Office 365 go to Login with your Net-ID and password. Once you do so you will have access to all of the applications discussed. Click the Menu Icon to the left of the title. Locate the Teams Icon.  Office 365 Menu with Teams application










Teams Home ScreenWhen you click the Teams icon, you will be directed to the Teams Home screen. This shows any chats you have recently had, as well as icons to navigate to Activity, Teams, Meetings, Files, Assignments, and more apps. 

Conversations that are Unread are listed in Bold. 




Teams New ChatTo create and send a New Chat click the square with a pen icon at the top of the screen. A new chat window will then appear. In the To: box, type the recipients full name or Net-ID. When the recipient you are looking for appears, click on them. It will then let you add another member to the chat or Type a new message at the bottom of the screen. To send the message click the arrow or click enter on the keyboard. Below the Type a new message box, there are options to format text, add attachments, schedule a meeting, and other options. 

Teams Chat OptionsOnce the Chat has been sent it will appear under recent on the left hand side. If you click the three dots at the end of the chat, you will get options to Favorite, Mute, Hide, or Leave Group.





Teams Chat


When in a chat the top of the screen will show the recipients name a star and a pencil. Clicking the star will make the chat a favorite, and using the pencil will let you name the Group. Also further to the left you will see a Video Camera Icon, a Phone Icon, and Add People Icon. You can also view Files and Activity for the user. 

Teams CallIf you click on the Phone or Video Icon, you will start a Call with the other user. When in a call you can share screens, audio, and video.






Teams Activity IconSelecting the Activity Icon will show you recent activity on Teams such as: Mentions, Chats, Added to Chats or Groups, etc.



Teams Teams IconSelecting the Teams Icon will show you all the Teams Teams Detailedyou are apart of and their Channels. You can also create or Join a team by selecting the button at the bottom of the page. Once part of a team, clicking on a team name will expand the team you you can see all the channels of that team. As in the example, General is a Channel in the Extension IT Team. Channels are used to organize projects, team members, chats, etc.




Teams Meetings IconSelecting the Meetings Icon will show any meetings you have scheduled from Teams and your Outlook Calendar.



Teams File IconSelecting Files will show Recent items fromTeams Add File your OneDrive or from your Teams. To Add or Share a file, select a team or chat you would like to share it to. Then click the Paperclip Icon at bottom of the screen. You will then be asked to locate the file to upload it. 



Three DotsSelecting the three dots will pull up more applications that can be connected to Teams. Clicking More Apps will direct you to a page where you can Install programs that will partner with Team. Selecting the Store Icon will also take you to Install connected applications. Teams Store






Teams also includes a Desktop Application you can download by clicking on the person icon in the upper right hand corner of Teams and select Download the Desktop app.