Office 365: Outlook

Office 365: Outlook

Tutorial for Office 365 and it's applications. This tutorial will walk you through Outlook. Office 365 contains access to multiple applications that can be useful to you. To learn more about other applications simply click one of the links below or watch the webinar at




Applications on Office 365:

- Yammer

- Project

- Sway

- Word Online

- Excel Online

- Outlook

office 365 login screen requires email and passwordTo login to Office 365 go to Login with your Net-ID and password. Once you do so you will have access to all of the applications discussed. Click the Menu Icon to the left of the title. Locate the Outlook Icon. 

office 365 menu icon created with squares

application list includes yammer application


When you click the Outlook icon you will be directed to the Outlook Home screen. This shows any emails currently in your inbox. Emails that have been Unread are listed in Bold






To create a New email click new on the top strip above your Inbox. Once you do this a new box will open on the left allowing you to compose your email. You can attach documents saved on your Desktop as well as OneDrive. 

Your Address Book is synced automatically once you login with your Net-Id. To send an email, just begin by searching the last name. You will begin to see names listed, as Outlook already begins to go through your contacts. Click to add the email address. Click Send.






To pin, flag, open or delete an email, simply hover over the email you wish to edit. This then shows your Tools to the right of the message. Keeping an organized mailbox allows you to function more efficiently.