Office 365: Excel Online

Office 365: Project

icon for Excel, green with graph behind itTutorial for Office 365 and it's applications. This tutorial will walk you through Excel Online. Office 365 contains access to multiple applications that can be useful to you. To learn more about other applications simply click one of the links below or watch the webinar at




Applications on Office 365:

- Yammer

- Project

- Sway

- Word Online

- Excel Online

- Outlook

office 365 login screen requires email and passwordTo login to Office 365 go to Login with your Net-ID and password. Once you do so you will have access to all of the applications discussed. Click the Menu Icon to the left of the title. Locate the Excel Icon. 

office 365 menu icon created with squares

application list includes yammer application


new screen for Excel where you can choose between recent or templatesThis is the Excel Home screen that allows you to either open a new template or open a recent document. For this example we will create from scratch. Select New Blank Workbook. 






Once you click you will be directed to a New Book. Similar to previous Excel programs the interface looks very familiar. For this example we will touch briefly on some of the functions. 










To add a Title click in the top bar on the word that says Book. Make sure to name all of your documents, type Introduction.adding a title on bar


We will be creating a chart in order to learn basic functions such as Copying Cells. First type your title in Cell 1. After which create two more titles in consecutive order. Select both cells. Then to copy this order, click on the bottom right square and drag. Stop once you are satisfied with the number of cells. 

to copy cells, type consecutive titles and click and drag

cells are now copied from one to nine







Auto Sum

To continue type titles on the horizontal cells, and begin to see your chart taking place. add horizontal titles





Add any numbers into the chart in order to learn how to use Auto Sum. This option allows for the addition of simple formulas without any memory on your part. 

auto sum icon listed in editing option 

Simply select the cell of the total, and click Auto Sum. This then adds a formula which totals all of the row. Again you can Copy Formulas just as you copied cells. Select the cells and drag down. 

auto sum creates formulas for addition of cells




Again you can Copy Formulas just as you copied cells. Select the cells and drag down.

 you can also copy and paste forumlas


To learn about the Sort function we create a random list of numbers in the same column. Once you are satisfied with the list, select the entire column by clicking the title of the column. 

random list of numbers in same column










Next navigate back up to the Editing panel, and find the Sort function. Click this option.

sort icon next to find and autosum

When you select Sort, you will see that you have the option between Ascending or Descending order. Choose one. Your list has now been sorted. 

list has now been organized and sorted









Formulas are also vital in Excel Online. Simple formulas are accepted to make computation easy. In Excel you can use basic math to create formulas to compute for you. To see how this works we are going to make a table and then insert a simple multiplication formula to do the math for us. 










Create a similar table. Select the cell titled Total and begin to type your formula. "=C12*C13" Thus the total will come from those specific cells, even if they change. 

You can even manipulate cells that have formulas within them just by clicking. Click Total left and type "=" then click the cells. Clicking each cell is more efficient than typing each formula out. 

Save Online

The benefit of using Office 365 Online is that everything is saved to the Cloud, or in this case OneDrive. All documents can be found by clicking the icon to access OneDrive. There is no Save icon, because you do not have to Save. Everything online is being saved automatically. If you want to download the document open it and select File, then Save As. This gives you the option to Save a Copy or Download to your computer.