New Look for Drupal 7 Sites

June 23, 2016

Extension IT has been working closely with several other IT groups on campus to develop a new look for the Drupal 7 sites.  There were several things to take into consideration.  

Our Goals: 

  • A look that IT groups across campus could use to create a more cohesive look across the university
  • A look that reflected the new brand marketing guidelines and color schemes
  • A cleaner and easier to use design for end users
  • Changes that addressed the concerns of current site owners, content editors and users.
  • Web Accessibility requirements were met.

As of June 21st, we have officially released our first site with the new look and theme.  

You can view that site here: 

Please join us for a Webinar on June 29th at 10am ( to hear and see all of the changes that have been made and what we still hope to do.  This webinar is specifically for current Drupal 7 site owners or editors; but anyone is welcome to attend.