Network Registration

Network Registration (NetReg)

NetReg is a registration system which identifies computers connected to the IASTATE network. It helps to provide a secure network and to identify systems that have been compromised before they can cause problems for the rest of the network or for other computers.

Any computer that connects to the IASTATE network will be asked to complete a one-time registration before being granted access to the Internet. All network devices must be registered--this includes tablets and smartphones, if they're using the IASTATE network.

Why do we use it?

NetReg has been used on the ISU campus and in ISUEO field offices that connect to the IASTATE network for a number of years. Its purpose in field offices is to identify computers on the network and prevent unauthorized computers from accessing the network, since wireless access can extend beyond the walls of your office. NetReg provides a way to secure your network from casual or malicious use.

What does it mean to me?

Whenever you connect a new electronic device through a wired or wireless connection in your office, you'll need to first NetReg the device. If your computer, laptop, or phone was initially set up on campus then it may already be NetRegged. If your device is not registered, you won't be able to access the Internet, receive email or perform other network functions until you complete the registration.

What about visitors to my office?

All offices--both on campus and in the field--have Guest NetReg enabled. If you have a visitor to your office, they can follow the instructions below, but instead of entering their Net-ID and password, they will register as a guest. Guests have access to the IASTATE network for seven days and then they are barred from the network for twenty-one days. After which time they can initiate another Guest registration.

What if someone needs longer term access to the network?

If you have someone who visits your office regularly and needs to be on the network, but is not an ISUEO staff person (for example a member of a county council), you can register the computer for them. Essentially this says that if there's a problem on the network and it's traced to that computer, you, the staff person, are the one to contact because you're the one who knows whose computer that is.

If you have an event where the attendees will be using computers and it will be going on for longer than seven days or across several months (for example, a six week class that meets every Monday), you can request an event registration.  

How do I NetReg my machine?  How do I know if my machine needs to be NetRegged?

If your desktop or laptop is already NetRegged, you will not notice any difference--you'll be able to get on the Internet, receive and send email, etc. If you computer or other electronic device needs to be NetRegged, you may see one of the following:

  1. When you open your browser you are greeted with a screen that says--Welcome to NetReg. Simply follow the instructions to NetReg your machine. If you don't see this screen, but instead get a 'can't find server' or similar error, type in for the URL.
  2. When you check mail, you get a network error. If this happens, open your web browser.  You will either see the NetReg Welcome screen immediately or will see it after you type for the URL.

To Request an Event NetReg

  1. At least 1 week in advance, the event leader should go to http://asw.iastate.eduDo not do this the day before or the day of your class.
  2. Go to Request for Services > NetReg > NetReg Event Listing
  3. Fill out the form for the entire length of the class. Some events may extend beyond what the form will allow, but you can fix that in the notes. For location, enter Extension Field Office.
  4. In the Notes section, give the exact number of classes and dates, and which field office this will be in.