Network Overview

Extension offices across the state of Iowa are typically connected to the Iowa State University campus network through a VPN, a Virtual Private Network, using commercial Internet connections from dozens of service providers. Using a VPN allows Extension computers to have seamless access to University email and file shares no matter their location in the field or on campus.

Network Registration

Each computer using the ISU network must complete a brief registration process and agree to the Code of Computer Ethics and Acceptable Use policy. This network registration process, NetReg, ensures that unauthorized systems cannot utilize the network.

Guest systems may use the network for a maximum of 14 days out of every month.  Classes lasting longer than 2 weeks should be registered as an event with Extension IT.  Regular guests may be temporarily registered by a staff person at their discretion.

Local Area Network Information

Extension office local area networks connect computers, printers and other devices in an individual office to one or more Ethernet switches and to a router on-site which manages the wide area network connection and VPN link to the ISU campus. Wireless is available in all offices.

Moving or Expanding Your Office

Extension IT provides technical expertise in planning and managing office local area network installations and expansions. Please contact us to discuss your needs.