Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES)

Iowa State University, including Extension field offices, is covered under a Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solution (EES) agreement through the Board of Regents.  Under this agreement, enrolled software can be installed on any computer owned or leased by Iowa State University.

This means that ISU Extension offices are licensed to install Microsoft Office Enterprise Edition and Windows OS upgrades. 

Current supported versions as of 2020 are: Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365. 

Microsoft Office can be installed by logging in at Then clicking on the Microsoft Office app listed within the apps list. From here you will be taken to Office's online portal. From here you can click install Offline Office. 

NOTE: The EES agreement for the Windows OS covers upgrades only.  This means that a computer must be purchased or donated with a copy of Microsoft Windows before you can use the EES license to upgrade to Windows 10 on that machine. 


  • The university agreement with Microsoft only covers faculty and staff use; students are not covered by this agreement.
  • This agreement also covers work computers only.  Office 365 now offers five licenses of the latest version of MS Office for anyone with a valid net-id. This is to be used on a home or work machine.