Meeting Invitations in Outlook/Exchange - Suggest Another Time

One of the best ways to set up a meeting with other people in Extension or at ISU is to send them a meeting invitation in Outlook/Exchange. Even if you don't have permission to see their complete schedule, you can always see when they're Free and when they're Busy.

To Set Up A Meeting

  1. Click New Items
  2. Click Meeting
  3. Enter the names of people you want to invite (if you don't know their email address, enter Lastname, Firstname.  You can type Ctrl-K to check the name). You can also enter the name of an Outlook Contact Group or an Exchange list.
  4. Enter the Location (Rooms...) if it exists in Exchange (Office 365)
  5. Check the schedules in Scheduling Assistant and pick a time that works
  6. Return to Appointment
  7. Enter meeting details
  8. Click Send

Sometimes you receive a meeting invite and realize that you can't make that date or time. It could be that your calendar isn't up to date, maybe you block out travel time, or maybe two requests come in at the same time. You could call the meeting organizer, discuss, send an email to all the other meeting attendees, discuss it with them. Or, you can Propose New Time to the meeting organizer.

There are two ways to do this: Tentative and Propose New Time or Decline and Propose New Time. When you select one or the other, you will see the scheduling assistant and can suggest another meeting time that works for all or most attendees.  

Proposing a new Meeting Time

Doing this doesn't automatically schedule the meeting, it simply returns the new suggested time to the meeting organizer. You can add an explanation before you send to explain why you're proposing the new time. Suggesting another time can save the meeting organizer, you, and the other meeting attendees time. It's another good reason to keep your calendar up to date.