Mailing Lists

Several types of email mailing lists are available for your use. Each has different features that may affect your decision of which to use. Please contact the EIT Support Hotline for assistance. To find existing lists visit our ListSearch site.


Outlook Contact Group

Contact groups are for individual use only. You may want to create a contact group of multiple people that you need to email frequently. This type of list is not usable by others. You can also add a contact group to a meeting invitation or a group schedule to quickly work with all members.

Within Outlook select the New Items dropdown choose More Items and choose Contact Group. Add members as appropriate. Contact groups are saved in your Contacts folder.

Mailman mailing list

The most common type of Extension mailing list, Mailman is an automated list processor that offers a number of valuable list management features such as a maximum message size (to prevent unnecessary attachments), automatic message footers, subject line prefixes, custom reply-to addresses and list moderation. Mailman lists may allow users to subscribe or unsubscribe themselves without owner intervention, depending on the configuration set by the list owner. Mailman lists are generally the most flexible choice.

List creations are processed overnight, but subsequent configuration and membership changes take effect immediately. You can create a new list in ISU IT ServicesAccount Services on the Web.


Another type of mailing list is the chlist or change-list. An older type of list not frequently used by Extension staff, chlists can also be used as access control lists for certain Acropolis functions. Chlists are essentially not configurable in any other way, and all creations and changes take effect overnight. Create a new chlist in ISU IT ServicesAcropolis.