MailChimp Introduction

MailChimp Introduction 

mailchimp logoLearn how to download email templates created for Extension and Outreach newsletters and announcements and then use them in MailChimp to create efficient newsletters that are quick and easy to create. 




Downloading a Template

Go to MyExtension and click the template you wish to download. Your computer will automatically start downloading a zip file that contains all the files that are needed for that template.


Uploading a Template

Go to MailChimp at 

Click Log In

Once at your Dashboard, click Templates on the top bar. 

On the next screen click "Create Template."

Now click Import Zip File at the top of the next page. 

Browse your computer for the Zip file you downloaded earlier. Once selected, click Upload. 

Once you have uploaded the Zip file, click Save at the top right of the page you are on. It will ask you to name the new template. Name the template appropriately and click Save As...

After which your template will be previewed. Click in the lower right corner to Save and Exit.

 You have now uploaded the template. You may now use it when creating new campaigns in MailChimp.

Using the Templates

Start a new Campaign. Click Create Campaign. Select "Regular Campaign" in MailChimp. Name your campaign accordingly. 

Select Template. Next click "Saved Templates." This is the step where you will select and edit the template you uploaded. 

On the next page, Select the Template you want to use. (You named it when you uploaded it.) Read the next section to learn how to edit this Template.

Create/Edit the Template

After you have selected your Template, click Design.  On this page you will see multiple fields on this page surrounded by dashed box. When you hover your mouse over these boxes there are a few possible buttons that will appear.

  1. Edit - when you click this button an edit window will open. Refer to the next section for more information.
  2. Plus/Minus - some fields have the option of adding additional copies of that field.
  3. Hide - this button will hide that field and will not appear when you send your campaign.

Note: Once you save your content in the Design step, it will look much better. 

When you are done creating your campaign you can send a test to yourself by using the button at the bottom of the page, or you can just view the template in a popup preview by clicking the button at the top of the page. 

For more information about creating a campaign and how to do some steps not covered in this tutorial, go to


Editing a Field

Editing a field in MailChimp is very similar to editing a website on Drupal using a WYSIWYG. It is also similar to Word. 

When done editing the field, click Save Now.

Note: Please do NOT add any styles to headers or any areas other than content fields. Only use bold, italics, and underline styles. You may also add images in the content fields. 

Extension IT offers limited support for this program.