IASTATE Domain: What is it? Why is it Used?

There are several reasons computers supported by EIT need to be in the IASTATE domain:


Computers in the IASTATE domain require you to log in with your Net-ID and password. This requirement protects your files. It also means someone else could use your computer (logging in with their own Net-ID) without compromising your files, preferences, and programs. If your computer is lost or stolen your files are again protected, at least at one level.


Computers that are part of the IASTATE domain will receive all current updates for the Windows OS, Microsoft Office, and other programs designated by central IT. Your machine will also receive group policies and group policy updates and forced updates to deal with emerging security concerns. These updates ensure that your computer has adequate protection and will continue to operate properly.


Computers that are part of the IASTATE domain can be accessed when they're network-connected via remote assistance for troubleshooting. In addition, setup information can be delivered and access privileges confirmed.


The university licenses software (for example, MS Windows and Microsoft Office) that can be used by all ISU faculty and staff computers. One critical way that your computer is identified as an ISU computer and therefore eligible to install these site-licensed programs is as part of the IASTATE domain.