How to Change Owners on a Cybox Folder

Cybox is a great place to store resources you want to share with others.  However, if you leave Extension, everyone’s access to a shared Cybox folder that you own will disappear.  If you change the Owner of the folder before you leave, access will remain and the new Owner will be able to continue to share and maintain the folder

To Change Owners

  1. If the new owner does not currently have access to the folder, add them.
    1. Click on the folder you want to share
    2. Click on Invite People
    3. Enter the person’s name or Net-ID
    4. Select the Invited Permission
    5. NOTE: Owner is NOT an option at this point.  Select Editor or Co-Owner
    6. Send Invite

      Invite to Folder

  2. Select the new owner from the list of Collaborators in the folder
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow beside their current permissions level (ex: Editor, Co-Owner, etc)
  4. Select Owner
  5. In the window, Change Folder Owner, click Okay
  6. The new owner will now be listed as the folder's owner and you will be listed as an Editor

Change owner of folder