How to Caption in YouTube


YouTube offers automatic captioning upon upload.  This should not be your soul use case of closed captioning, as they are rarely accurate.  

Step 1: Log in to your YouTube channel

Step 2: Make sure you click on "My Channel" on the left hand side of the screen once logged in.

Step 3: Just below the search bar, click on "Video Manager"

Step 4: Next to each video there is an "Edit" drop down, click the arrow and select "Subtitles & CC"

Step 5: If you have not added closed captioning, a pop-up window will show asking you to set video language.  Select the language that is appropriate for the video you are editing.

Step 6: Select the blue button on the right of the video labeled "Add new subtitles or CC"

Step 7: Select the language (usually English)

Step 8: Select "Create new subtitles or CC"

Step 9: Start playing the video and add the closed captioning text as it plays.

Step 10: Press enter in between each break to ensure that the closed captioning is synced with the video.

You can watch a YouTube Help video that walks through the process here: 

Any published videos should include closed captioning that is appropriately edited to relay the correct information.  If you need assistance in getting your Extension and Outreach videos closed captioned, please contact