CyBox Manage projects

CyBox Introduction: Manage projects

Welcome to a quick guide through CyBox. To access CyBox go to Login with your Net-ID and password. Once logged in you will be taken to the home screen. 

If you are not part of Iowa State University, select Not part of Iowa State University.  This will direct you to Simply log in with your email and password. Once logged in you will be taken to the home screen. This screen allows you to:

- Create new content

- Upload content

- Manage projects

- Access your navigation


Find out why Iowa State University recommends CyBox here. 


By clicking the star, on the left of your screen you should be able to now see that specific folder that you favorited and can navigate directly to that folder.


Content settings

To the left of all content the three dot icon exists. This contains all of the Settings of the folder it is next to. This allows you to Download the entire folder to your desktop. However if you download to your desktop changes made will not be saved on CyBox. For up-to-date changes and easy editing utilize online editing (see the next section). You also have the option to Favorite, which allows you to filter by favorite documents. Settings also include moving, copying, and Deleting

Sharing is also available. This is another way to utilize the Collaborator option, for more information see uploading content.



Not only can you share but you also are able to access Properties, which allows access to information about the document. Folder Settings allow you to restrict comments and sharing for a folder if needed. This is also how you add Tags. Tags allow you to quickly find folders or files based on a tag. Simply type a tag such as "2016 Introduction" and search via the Tag Filtering option as discussed above when you are looking for the document. 



Document History


After updating you will notice a small red icon underneath each document, this shows the Version of each document. Double click on the red icon to view each version of the document. This allows you to see who made the last edit and when. You are also able to access past documents if information was deleted or changed. 



To learn more about CyBox watch our webinar here.