CyBox - Delete Old Files and Recommendations

January 25, 2021

This information applies to ALL users of Cybox. Cybox has been a tool used by Iowa State University students and staff. Cybox will no longer be an "unlimited" cloud storage solution for our university moving forward. Please refer to the Inside Iowa State Article for further details: 

The university is encouraging all Cybox users to find out how much storage they're using.  To do so, follow the steps below:

Find out how much you have stored in Cybox:

  1. After logging into Cybox, click on your profile and choose Account Settings
  2. On the account tab scroll down to Account Details
  3. Storage Used will show how much storage you are currently using
    Google storage statistics pop out dialog box

If your storage used is under 25 GB, you don't need to do anything. However, this may still be a good time for you to do some clean-up as it seems companies are moving away from the "unlimited" mindset for storage. For most users, this number is accurate. If you feel this number isn't accurate, please refer to Extension IT to help determine the correct amount stored. 

Find and review large files on the CyBox web app

  1. Click on All Files
  2. Click on the Search magnifying glass

    When search results return use the following filters:

  3. Type – Set to Files
  4. Owner – enter your name or net id and click apply
  5. Size – set to 1 GB+   

           Search parameters for finding large files in Box web application

  1. Delete any unnecessary files. Make sure you are the owner of the file prior to deleting it.

Following the above steps provides the biggest bang for your buck as far as reducing your footprint on the overall Cybox storage. Note the message about being the owner before deleting. This ensures you are deleting something that will apply toward reducing your footprint. Only the files you own count toward your overall storage used amount.

Playing around with the filter for the search is the best way to view the files you have on Cybox. It allows you to search for files that you are the owner of. Extension IT encourages you to search by size and date to see the files that are owned by you. Searching by date also allows you to see files you may not have known were there from years ago!

If you have further questions about using the web interface to delete/view Cybox files, please don't hesitate to give the Extension IT hotline a call at 515-294-1725 or send an email to

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