CyBox Create New Content

CyBox Introduction: Create new content

CyBox home screen with folders

Welcome to a quick guide through CyBox. To access CyBox go to Login with your Net-ID and password. Once logged in you will be taken to the home screen. 

If you are not part of Iowa State University, select Not part of Iowa State University.  This will direct you to Simply log in with your email and password. Once logged in you will be taken to the home screen. This screen allows you to:

- Create new content

- Upload content

- Manage projects

- Access your navigation 


Find out why Iowa State University recommends CyBox here. 

Adding new content

New button which allows new file to be createdTo add a new folder select New for the dropdown menu. This allows for a blank folder/document/powerpoint etc.

For collaboration purposes if more than one document is going to be created, create a folder and share the entire folder rather than each document separately. Documents can then be added into the folder and will be shared automatically. 






New Folder


Create New Folder popup for naming and collaboration optionsSelect new Folder option. Once selected you will be directed to this screen. Pick a name for the folder. Next determine whether this will be your own private personal folder or if you want to invite others to view it. If you will be sharing with others, select Invite. To invite others right away either type their email or name if you have content already shared. For this example we will wait until files are added to share. Click Okay.







 Once the folder has been created you will be able to access its contents. Click to enter folder.

Folder that has been created by you

You will have the option to either upload content created already or add new files or notes. 

Once in folder you can add an existing file or create a new one


Collaboration screen allows you to invite othersNow it's time to utilize CyBox. In order to allow others access to your folder or files, we need to share with Collaborators. Once your folder or file has been created double click to enter. On the right side of the screen you will see this option. 

Each collaborator that has access to the folder or file is listed in this box. The Owner has the ability to control the permissions of each user. 

CyBox Collaboration Levels

  • Owner (person who creates the folder)
  • Co-owner (can do everything except transfer ownership or delete the folder)
  • Editor (can upload, download, preview, get link, edit, delete)
  • Viewer Uploader (everything an editor can do except delete and sync via Box sync)
  • Previewer Uploader (Upload and preview)
  • Previewer (Preview)
  • Uploader (Upload)

These permissions will be discussed within the next segment. 


Collaboration Options

Popup screen that allows for editor to share with specific collaboratorsSince this is a new folder there is nobody invited. Let's invite others. Select Invite People. On this screen you can add via email or name if they are already working on other projects with you. Once this is done we need to select their permission. Since you created the folder you are the only Owner.  If an employee is an owner and is leaving it is recommended that ownership of important files be transferred to another employee. 

For this example we will set everyone as an Editor. This allows everyone to upload, edit, share and delete. Once everyone is added click Send Invites. All invited will now receive an email with the link to the new CyBox folder. 





Link that can be copied to share document with othersCyBox also allows for a Link to Folder. This allows you to share the link to the folder for a wider amount of sharing. Access levels can also be changed so that restrictions are placed as to who has access. 

CyBox Access Types:

  • People with the link (anyone with link can access folder)
  • People in your company (only those in your company have access)
  • People in this folder (only collaborators that the folder has been shared with have access)




To learn more about CyBox watch our webinar here.