CyBox and File Sharing

August 7, 2015

CyBox and File Sharing

One of the recommendations as we adopt better security practices is that we share sensitive documents through CyBox rather than as email attachments.


  • Every person you send an email attachment to has a copy of that email. 
  • The more people you send to, the more chance that it will end up somewhere it shouldn't.
  • It's easy to forward an attachment.  Sometimes without realizing that it contains sensitive information.
  • CyBox gives you control over how you share documents and for how long.  You can allow people to view only, to edit, to download, etc.  You can also set a limit on how long the document will be available.

CyBox Collaboration Levels

  • Owner (person who creates the folder)
  • Co-owner (can do everything except transfer ownership or delete the folder)
  • Editor (can upload, download, preview, get link, edit, delete)
  • Viewer Uploader (everything an editor can do except delete and sync via Box sync)
  • Previewer Uploader (Upload and preview)
  • Previewer (Preview)
  • Uploader (Upload)

If you want people to create and work on documents, but do not want them to delete items from the folder, then Viewer Uploader is a good option.  This does mean, however, that they can't sync those files to their own computer. To edit they would have to download, edit, then upload.  An alternative for Viewer-Uploaders is to install Box Edit, which allows editing in Word, Excel, etc without downloading.

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