Copier Hard drives

August 7, 2015

Copier Hard drives

Most modern copiers have harddrives which store a copy of the file you're copying.  This can become an issues when a new copier is purchased and the old copier is taken away. 

The university has not come out with a policy or recommendation on this issue, but I would recommend that counties ask for the hard drive back when they replace an old copier with a new one so that they can be assured that it's been physically destroyed.  This may involve a charge from the contracting company, but it is the best way to guarantee that the information on the hard drive has been erased.

ITS has a harddrive crusher that they're currently making available as a service so if you have harddrives that you need destroyed contact EIT and we'll help make that happen.

If you're on campus, check with your department or ISU Purchasing for more information on copier harddrive disposal.