Android Setup

Setting up your new Android phone

The first thing you need to be aware of is that there are many different phones using the Android operating system. One of the things this means is that each particular model will vary in some ways and the setup may be slightly different than the step by step instructions provided below.

NOTE: Many email and calender apps do not support Okta's Multi-Factor Authentication. Multi-Factor Authentication will be required in the future. The Microsoft Outlook App is currently the only known App to support it. If you set up Multi-Factor Authentication, you may be restricted to using the Outlook App. 

Two things you'll need to know to setup any Android phone for Exchange (note: Exchange (Office 365) is the server from which you access your email, contacts, calendar).

  1. Domain:
  2. Server:

Step by step setup instructions for Android Phones:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Accounts & Sync
  3. Select 'Add account'
  4. Choose Exchange active sync
  5. For email address, type: (where 'netid'=your email)
  6. For password, type your email password
  7. For server, type:
  8. Click Next
  9. If you're asked for Username, type: (where 'netid'=your email)
  10. If it asks for your password again, leave it as is
  11. Make sure 'This server requires an encrypted SSL connection' (or similar) is checked
  12. Click Next

IT Services recommends that you setup your Exchange account before you set up additional email accounts on your phone (not including your Gmail account, which you'll need to set up first).  If you've already added other email accounts, remove them, setup Exchange (Office 365), and then re-add them.