All Apple Device Users are Advised to Update Immediately

July 27, 2017

Due to two threats to all Apple computers and devices, Extension IT is advising all Apple users to update as soon as possible. 

This includes ANY personal Apple Devices at home or at work.

A system restart is required to complete these updates. Please make sure your data is backed up and applications are closed before doing these updates. Make sure you have administrative rights or the password for your machine to run the updates.

Apple Macintosh computer users should open the App Store by clicking on the Apple logo in the upper left corner, and selecting App Store... .  (The App Store can also be found as the 'A' icon in Applications.) 

Then click on Updates at the top of the App Store window, and follow the prompts.

Apple iPhone, iPad, and other mobile device users should tap Settings (the geared icon), then General, then Software Update. Follow the prompts and install.

Details follow

Two packages of malware are active. The first, ‘Broadpwn’ attacks via wireless network connections; the other, ‘Fruitfly’, uses older code to compromise machines and spy on users. Both malware will give access to your machine or device, files, and attempts to spread to others.

The individual security package details for the Wi-Fi attack are listed below:


Extension IT can help with the updates or answer any questions you may have about it at, or by calling 515-294-1725.