Adding a Printer to the Office Network

EIT is happy to recommend business-class printers for your office.  Please contact Scott Saunders for specific types and rules.

In order to configure your new printer for the Extension network please follow these steps:

  1. Email EIT Hotline 1 day before the printer is unboxed and request a time to setup the printer.
  2. After receiving the printer, follow the included manufacturer instructions to physically set it up, connect power and network cables, install toner, etc.
  3. Print a network configuration sheet using the manufacturer's included instructions.
  4. Contact the EIT Hotline (515.294.1725) at a scheduled time with configuration sheet in hand.

Using information on the printed config sheet IT staff will remotely configure your printer for the Extension network. After confirming these settings IT staff can assist you with driver installation on one or more computers, or you may contact the Extension IT Support Hotline as needed.

(See also: Adding a Copier to the Network)