Small Feedlots and Dairy Operations

Small (under 1,000 a.u. permitted or non-permitted) Feedlots and Dairy Operations


This web page provides a list of resources available to help small feedlot and dairy operations address environmental concerns caused by runoff from open lot animal housing systems.

The term "small feedlots and dairy operations" will be defined as beef or dairy operations that house less than 1,000 animal units (1,000 head beef or immature dairy or 700 head mature dairy) in an unroofed feedlot type situation. Some “small” beef or dairy operations may be classified as “Medium CAFOs” if they meet size requirements and one of two discharge criteria (See Medium CAFO Summary Fact Sheet below), or some “small feedlots” may be "Small CAFOs". If you have more than 1,000 animal units of any one animal type in an open lot, please refer to the Open Feedlot Web page. Or if you have animals of one type that are housed in both an open feedlot and a confinement facility and the capacity exceeds 1,000 animal units, please refer to the Combined Confinement and Open Lot Operations Web page.



Assessment Tools

Manure Nutrient Management