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August 2023

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Perennial Groundcover Field Day - A New Way to Cover Crop

Cover crops help prevent nitrate loss and protect soil from erosion, but also add work to plant in the fall. What if you could have a cover crop that you only had to plant once? That is what a group of researchers are exploring as they attempt to grow a perennial cover crop in corn and soybean fields. Join us on September 5th, in Ames Iowa at Sorensen Farm south of Highway 30 on 240th St. between V and W Avenue on the north side of the road for a field day exploring opportunities to use perennial cover crops on your farm. The program will run from 1-3 pm. Please sign up to reserve your spot and cookies for a mid-afternoon treat. Researchers will cover system establishment, performance in terms of yield and water quality, and you’ll have a chance to ask questions about what is working and where challenges await, and what researchers are doing to make it fit Iowa farms.

The Manure Scoop

In this month’s Manure Scoop, Jake Willsea, graduate student in the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department, looks into if and how generating renewable electric power could offset carbon emissions resulting from swine production. He explores the costs of windmills and solar energy generation, what is required for pigs to be carbon neutral, how Iowa’s carbon intensity score for electricity production would be impacted and what that would mean for the longevity of these carbon credits.

Talkin’ Crap Episodes 2 and 3 Available

Two new Talkin’ Crap podcasts are available. In episode 2, Dan Andersen, discusses manure spills and how manure applicators respond to spills in Iowa. He also looks at the Iowa DNR Fish Kill Database and explores recent trends in manure related fish kills. Episode 2 can be found here.

In episode 3, Dan delves into carbon neutrality in livestock production and the impact manure emissions have on a carbon neutral system. He also looks at current practices, like anaerobic digestion, impermeable covers, and renewable energy that are already being used to reduce methane emissions, as well as practices being considered for the future. Check out episode of Talkin’ Crap here


September 5
Perennial Groundcover Field Day
Ames, IA, 1 – 3 pm