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September 2022

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As National Farm Safety and Health Week ends, take some time to review safety practices to keep you and your employees safe this fall during manure application season. One frequent concern is the gases released during agitating and pumping manure. Ammonia, carbon dioxide, methane, and hydrogen sulfide can be released, with hydrogen sulfide causing the most concern as exposure to this gas can have serious health impacts at low concentrations.

Utilizing monitors, which can provide alerts or real-time levels, can notify the operator when concentrations reach a point when supplemental ventilation is required or when agitation practices should be modified. If you already have purchased a hydrogen sulfide monitor, ensure the sensors are working properly by conducting a bump test. Bump testing ensures the gas monitor correctly detects the gas and that the alarm monitors are working properly. You can find a demonstration of a bump test on our YouTube.  The Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health has prepared a list of equipment needed for a bump test.

More information about hydrogen sulfide monitoring options and best management practices for agitation and barn ventilation can be found in the publications below.


The Manure Scoop

Anaerobic digestion is becoming a bigger part of manure management. Government programs supporting green fuels (RINs, Low Carbon Fuel Standards) are offering high levels of incentives. It is important we take a look at how these structures may impact manure and in so doing livestock production systems. In this month’s Manure Scoop we look at the economics of covered storages for biogas collection and utilization.


Manure Applicator Certification

Have you completed manure applicator certification for 2022? Before you begin fall application, make sure your license is up to date. If you are in the commercial manure business (hauling, handling, or applying manure) or a confinement site manure applicator (a confinement with over 500 animal units), make sure you’ve completed training this year. Three options are available to complete certification:



October 20, 2022
Anaerobic Digestion Topics Part 1 Webinar
9:00 am - 12:00 pm (EST)

October 21, 2022
Worker Safety in Animal Production Systems
1:30 pm