Manure Mondays

manure discussion meeting

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is pleased to bring you a virtual conversation about manure. These conversations will take place on Mondays at noon via Zoom meetings. Pull up a chair and enjoy a lunchtime conversation.

Manure is a big business in Iowa. Every year manure accounts for approximately one-third of the fertilizer needs to support Iowa crop production. Managing manure appropriate requires good decision making from start to finish. Twice a month, we will be facilitating conversations around different manure topics (see schedule below). We cordially invite you to attend these conversations, share your perspectives, and help improve and facilitate good manure management in Iowa.

While each meeting will have a theme, a portion of the event will have conversation(s) about topics you want to discuss.

January 25 – Getting Value from Manure

February 8 – Manure Regulations and Protecting Water Quality

March 1 – Manure Application Timing and Side-dressing Manure

March 22 – Utilizing dragline systems

April 5 – Working with Solid Manures

April 19 – Soil Health Impacts