About IGFI

What is IGFI?

Using local government finance data, IGFI analyzes trends and financial performance of selected census, economic, education and other indicators. The educational outreach program is designed to provide an alternate perspective about the financial health and performance of Iowa cities and counties as well as provide an educational component targeted towards officials and public employees. 

IGFI conducts and disseminates research through publications and educational workshops on critical topics relating to local government finance and community and economic development.

What are the benefits?

  • Financially viable communities
  • Increased awareness and understanding of city and county finances
  • Increase in public trust of local governments
  • Greater accountability of local government officials
  • Better understanding of government role and function
  • Increase in productive and allocative efficiency in managing public money
  • Improved budgeting
  • Better financial planning

Activities and Services

I. Base financial condition and trend analysis

This service is available to all cities and counties in the state of Iowa. Using select socio-economic and financial indicators, IGFI provides an annual report on the current finance condition and trends for the state of Iowa. Basic financial reports are available at no cost for individual communities. Communities may also request a customized report containing additional data and analysis for a fee.

II. Advanced financial planning

IGFI provides advanced levels of analysis using city and county financial data. Communities can request a customized report containing additional indicators. In addition, ISU professionals will work closely with a community to organize brainstorming sessions to develop a plan of action for better financial management and integration.

III. Workshops

To complement the financial condition reports as well as provide an educational outreach, IGFI will conduct workshops annually on a range of topics relating to public finance, community and economic development.

IV. Research and Educational Resources

Conduct research on topics related to local government finance to provide Iowans with a better understanding of their government’s role, function and performance. IGFI is building a resource center to cater to the need of elected and appointed officials on a wide range of issues. 

Download a brochure about IGFI.