About ISU Extension and Outreach: Ida County


Welcome - We invite you to come through these local doors and visit us for assistance in your decision making needs which affect your family, community, business and/or farm.

Your need for information and services is why we are here. To paraphrase Mahatma Gandi ... we believe you are important, and we are dependent on you. You are the purpose of our work, not an interruption to it. We are not doing you a favor by serving you, but rather you are doing us a favor by allowing us the opportunity to serve you!

So do US a favor, and stop by to see how we can serve your need for local access to education and services from Iowa State University Extension.

As part of a county, state and federal partnership we are devoted to the mission of ISU Extension  to help you become your best. Ida County Extension strives to accomplish this mission through six program areas:


Check out some highlights of Extension in action during the past year in the Ida County 2011 Points of Pride.  Here we have summarized a few of the many  programs, events, and efforts in Ida County.  Developing partners in these events has increased participation, cooperative ventures for programs, and positive attitudes in Ida County. We sincerely thank all of you who attended, sponsored or partnered with us in 2009 and look forward to continuing this relationship with Ida County Extension.


Extension Council members are elected by the voters of Ida County to serve four year terms. They oversee the planning, preparation, marketing, and delivery of the extension educational program in the county. Every county in Iowa has an extension council. Extension Councils provide, through a unique partnership with Iowa State University and federal and state organizations, research-based, unbiased information and educational programs that positively impact the county citizens and communities in Ida County.


Here are links to local impact statements from Iowa State University Extension in Ida County:



See our impact statements from County Directors and Field Specialists in Northwest Iowa to learn more about Extension's economic development efforts, as well as ways we build partnerships and provide research-based learning opportunities to improve quality of life in Iowa.

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