Ida County Summer Camp Opportunities

Swing into summer with Ida County 2018 summer camps! We are offering a wide range of camps this summer for ages K-8. For more information or to register please call the Ida County Extension Office at 712-364-3003 or email 4-H Foundation grant applications available for 4-H'ers to help defray the costs of summer camps
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  • Clover Kids: Kids in the Kitchen Camp - June 8

Come learn about food groups, hand washing and of course youth will be creating and eating some tasty snacks! Grades K-3 $5

  • Quest to Be your Best - June 13

Come explore the outdoors to discover fun ways to be active through games that challenge you physically, activities that test you mentally, and discover new traits about your best self. Our adventures will help uncover your personal 'spark' as you reveal your goals to grow yourself. Grades 3-8 $20

  • The Science of BBQ - June 18 

This program will introduce participants to grilling methods, including cooking with charcoal. Youth will explore various meat cuts and how cooking temperatures and the composition of the meat can affect the barbecuing process. Participants also will learn how to incorporate meat into a healthy diet, food safety and techniques such as using rubs, marinades and seasonings. Each participant will be able to create their own recipe and practice grilling. Grades 3-8 $20

  • Clover Kids: STEM-Lit To Go Camp - June 22

STEM-Lit to go! is an innovative 4-H program that supports the development of STEM and literacy skills. During the camp, we will read a book or two together and experience hands-on STEM activities. Youth will work together to create and solve an idea and reflect on the process. Grades K-3 $5

  • Babysitting Clinic - June 20

Learn how to care for babies, infants and toddlers at this years babysitting clinic. Leave the babysitting clinic with your own babysitting bag that you will make during the clinic! Grades 5-8 $20

  • Monarchs on the Move - June 27

Experience life as a monarch butterfly in the Monarchs on the Move day camp. In this camp, you'll need to get food as a caterpillar, make a chrysalis, and fly to find habitat to live in as an adult. Learn about the biology and importance of the monarch butterfly and how they are in danger. Explore ways to help the monarch by increasing habitat. Find out what you can do to help the monarch. Grades 3-8 $20

  • Healthcare Day Camp - July 13

Step into the daily routine of medicine and explore the wide range of professional opportunities in the world of healthcare. Tour a variety of medical facilities, meet healthcare professionals, participate in medicinal demonstrations and discover potential career paths. Grades 3-8 $20

  • Race It Fling It Fly It - July 30

Aspiring, build, design and launch your own rockets! Test Newton's Laws of motion, force and gavity as you race, fling, fly, launch or blast off a variety of rocketry designs. (All new camp for participants who attended Race It, Fling It, Fly in Summer 2017) Grades 3-8 $20

  • Building Blocks of Entrepreneurship - August 2

Dive into the world of entrepreneurshi with LEGOs! Learn what it takes to create a new idea, develop a plan, and share your results through creativity, innovation, and communication. Participants will work in teams to develop an idea for making their community a better place to live. Using LEGOs, teams will work together to build a model, create a presentation poster, and market their idea. The day will end with a showcase from camp participants for their families and local guests. Grades 3-8 $20

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