Help Children Cope With the Coronavirus Response

AMES, Iowa – Coping with a frightening event in the news can be difficult for children and their families, says Lesia Oesterreich, a family life specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.
Children may have many different reactions. “Children may become upset or cry easily, get angry or act out, become restless or have difficulty paying attention,” she said. “Some children may be quiet and withdrawn, while others can’t stop talking about the experience.”
The ISU Extension and Outreach specialist noted that changes in a child’s behavior may be signs or symptoms of distress or discomfort following things they’ve experienced or seen on television, such as the response to COVID-19, a disease caused by the new coronavirus.
Young children may feel vulnerable, Oesterreich said. “They don’t understand what is happening and have trouble communicating how they feel. Older children also may have a hard time expressing their feelings.”
Parents can help their children cope, Oesterreich said. She recommends the following actions.
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