Advanced Grain Management Workshop

Today’s technology can use computers, cell phones, and applications to run much of our lives.  Grain drying and management are filled with new programs that can match grain bins to specific fans to provide specific performance for each.  As the knowledge grows, it is important to sift out the grain from the shaft in what parts of technology are applicable for my farm that will help me make wise decisions that will increase my bottom line.
Kris Kohl, Extension Agricultural Engineer, is planning to offer this program at the Ida County Extension and Outreach Office, 209 ½ Moorehead Ave, Ida Grove on August 20 from 9 am – 12:00 pm.  The cost is only $25 and will include all needed materials. 
            It is August and we are less than 60 days from corn harvest, this year’s wet spring will lead to a late, wet harvest that we have not had to contend with for many years.  To manage corn we have to plan to store it for longer and longer times, which becomes tricky during hot, humid conditions of late summer.
            The Advanced Grain Management Program will help producers understand and predict the individual performance of each bin.
·       Drying corn.
·       Warming or cooling grain.
·       How much propane or electricity is used?
·       Is natural air going to save money or is propane cheaper?
·       At what moisture can my system safely dry and store my crop?
·       What is my weak link in the system that needs up grading first and second?
Being ready for harvest this year with a plan will help it to run smoother.  Use the latest online tools to optimize your grain system.  Call Krista Lukins at 712-364-3003 for the Ida county program. This will help take your grain drying knowledge to the next level.

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