Club Directory

Humboldt County 4-H Clubs

Corinth Red Stars- Jen Lash, Jen Stattelman

Country Bumpkins- Nicole Niemeyer

Humboldt Shooting Sports- Greg Vik, Susan Nielsen, plus many others

Livermore Bulldogs- Shawna Crahan

The Muddy Boot Bunch- Andrea Harms

Thor Vikings- Chad Kampen, Jaxon Kampen

Weaver Valley- Tawny Hoover and Shiliah Stein

Humboldt County Clover Kids

Clover Kids is a fun 4-H program specifically designed for children in kindergarten through third grade.  The overall purpose of the Iowa 4-H Clover Kids program is to foster the development of life skills that are essential for the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical maturation of kindergarten through third graders by providing a unique, age-appropriate educational opportunity.

Little Clovers- Kindergardeners that meet after school on the 1st Tuesday of the month

Junior Clovers- 1st and 2nd graders that meet after school on the 2nd Tuesday of the month

Clover Kids- 3rd graders that meet after school on the 3rd Tuesday of the month

Saturday Clovers- K-3rd graders that meet from 9-10:30 am on the 2nd Saturday of the month.