Canner Gauge Testing offered at Humboldt County Extension

Dial gauge pressure canners are delicate instruments that can become inaccurate over time due to moisture and/or rough handling. This problem often goes undetected which is why it is suggested that all dial gauges be tested yearly for accuracy and overall condition.

Individuals interested in having their pressure canner lid/gauge tested are invited to bring them to the ISU Extension and Outreach Humboldt County office. Charge for this service is $5 per gauge. Weighted gauges do not need to be tested as they are always accurate if used correctly.  We will only need the lid for the test. If you would like to wait while your gauge is tested, please call and make an appointment.  Otherwise you can just drop off your lid and we will call you when the test has been completed.  For questions please call 515-332-2201.
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