Your Money, Your Future

Couple discussing financesLife is not about money — but how you deal with money has a huge impact on your quality of life, your family’s life, and the life of your community.
When you have sound information and strong skills, you can make your money work for you and for your future.

The Your Money, Your Future program is a series of workshops that will help you get more for your money and show you how to save money for your financial goals. Workshops are a blend of instruction and hands on activities so you can master the concepts taught.

You'll learn how to ...

  • Develop spending plans and SMART goals
  • Access your credit history without having to pay a fee
  • Select the financial institution that best meets your needs
  • Understand how credit cards work and how to avoid the credit card trap

Upcoming Classes

With sound financial management, you can be financially secure throughout your life. Contact the Family Finance Specialist serving your area for more information.

Popular Publications

Track your spending - in English or Spanish
Manage your money with one of these six tracking methods:receipt, calendar, envelope, checkbook, account book, or computer software program.

Credit and analyzing debts
Understand when and how much to borrow, give you tips on how to shop for credit, and includes information on credit reports and credit rights.

This is the Way I Spend Money
A 12 -month spending record for teaching children about money

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