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Words on Wellness (WOW) promotes a healthy lifestyle. Get reliable, research-based information about nutrition, exercise, and food safety.

Check out WOW to explore the power of incorporating healthy practices into daily living for you and your family.

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Newsletter Archive

January 2020 - Be the Food Safety MVP on Super Bowl Sunday > Baked Fish and Chips > The Sunshine Vitamin > Try a New Winter Sport

December 2019 - Go Green for Healthy Eyes > Vegetable Pasta Soup > Holiday Food Safety Hacks > Make Fitness Fun Again

November 2019 - Why You Might Need More Potassium > Autumn Soup > Ugly Fruits and Vegetables - Are They Safe? > Workouts with a Buddy

October 2019 - Let's Talk Nuts > Peanut Butter Balls > Animals in the Kitchen > Yoga: Health Benefits Beyond the Mat

September 2019 - You Herb It Here First! > Croutons > Herbs and Spices Have an Expiration Date > Any Movement Is Better Than No Movement!

August 2019 - Putting Mindfulness on Your Plate > Mexican Corn Salad > Fair Food Safety > Make Waves for Your Health's Sake

July 2019 - Eating Fish Protects Your Heart > Asparagus with Gremolata Sauce > Smartphones in the Kitchen > Get Your Family Moving!

June 2019 - June is Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month > Summer Bounty Salad > Fresh Produce Safety > Stay Safe in the Summer

May 2019 - MIND Your Diet > Berry Banana Popsicles > Refrigerated Condiment Safety Tips > Health Benefits of Walking

April 2019 - Benefits of Family Mealtime > Chicken BLT Salads > Eating Outdoors > A Game for All Ages: Pickleball

March 2019 - Frozen Food Facts > Potato Pancakes Recipe > Everything and the Kitchen Sink > Take a Time Out for Flexibility

February 2019 - Food for Thought: The Gut-brain Axis > Strawberry S’Mores > How Clean Is That Coffee Machine? > Live Healthy Iowa 5K

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