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Words on Wellness (WOW) promotes a healthy lifestyle. Get reliable, research-based information about nutrition, exercise, and food safety.

Check out WOW to explore the power of incorporating healthy practices into daily living for you and your family.

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Newsletter Archive

April 2019 - Benefits of Family Mealtime > Chicken BLT Salads > Eating Outdoors > A Game for All Ages: Pickleball

March 2019 - Frozen Food Facts > Potato Pancakes Recipe > Everything and the Kitchen Sink > Take a Time Out for Flexibility

February 2019 - Food for Thought: The Gut-brain Axis > Strawberry S’Mores > How Clean Is That Coffee Machine? > Live Healthy Iowa 5K

January 2019 - Small Changes Add Up for Better Health > Citrus Infused Water > Is Your Fruit-infused Water Safe? > Did Your Exercise Goals Take a Holiday?

December 2018 - Holiday Mealtime > Vegetable Pasta Soup Recipe > Adapting Recipes with Raw Eggs > Let's Deskercise!

November 2018 - The Flexitarian Diet: A Flexible Way to Eat Well > Black Bean Burgers Recipe > How Dangerous is Double Dipping? > Hot Yoga

October 2018 - Nutrition: Sorting Fact from Fiction > Tamale Pie Recipe > Super Cooling for Safety > Be Active in Iowa's Fall Colors

September 2018 - Intermittent Fasting? Not So Fast! > Mini Salmon Loaves > Kitchen Towels Can Be Home to Dangerous Bacteria > Resistance Training Prevents Sarcopenia

August 2018 - Reduce Food Waste at Home > Confetti Rice and Bean Salad > Prevent Cross-contact at Home > Staying Active Benefits Mental Health

July 2018 - Frilling What's in Your Garden > Chicken Fajitas Recipe > Sheet Pan Meal Safety > Join in on the Fun by Biking

June 2018 - Healthy Camping Foods > Hot Dogs and Food Safety > Chili Popcorn Recipe > Is There a Treasure Hiding Near You?

May 2018 - Checklist for Selecting an Eating Plan > Cowboy Caviar Recipe > Cardio Pyramid > Produce Basics from Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

April 2018 - Create a Rainbow on Your Plate > Vegetable Soup with Kale and Lentils Recipe > Food Safety for Donated Garden Produce > Get Active with Gardening

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