Stay Independent

It’s never too early—or too late—to set goals for staying independent in mid and later life. Learn about the benefits of eating well and moving more, avoiding fraud and scams, planning for future housing and care needs, and more!

Intended audience: Adults age 60 or older
Format: 1-hour classes; 10 topics available
Cost: $10 per class; scholarships available during online registration

Class Titles and Resources

Brain Health

Healthy habits support healthy brains! Explore MIND diet recommendations for eating well, the importance of social connections, and activities to exercise the body and brain.

Cooking for One or Two

One and two-person households are the fastest-growing segment of the population. Learn to use MyPlate for meal planning and unpack our toolbox of tips for planning, shopping, and preparing well-balanced meals.

Exercise Your Independence

Physical activity is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. Learn about tips to stay active when you are busy and strategies to fit physical activity into a busy schedule.

Feast on Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are nutrition powerhouses that add flavor to any meal! They help with digestion, a strong immune system, and lower risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, high blood pressure, and bone loss like osteoporosis. Learn about easy ways to prepare produce to get your fill each day.

Final Arrangements

Thinking about mortality—your own or that of a loved one—is difficult. Making final arrangements involves more than planning a funeral. Get information about funeral/burial options and costs and related Iowa laws. Use a pre-planning checklist to consider end-of-life decisions that can be made now and how to organize documents to help the living.

Planning Ahead for Future Care

Planning now allows you to make decisions about future care that are based on your wishes. Learn about the basics of future care planning and preparing for medical appointments/events. Explore tips for communicating with healthcare professionals and take home a packet of documents to help organize your medical history, key contacts, and community resources.

Power Up with Protein

Protein is a “hot” topic in nutrition right now, particularly for adults aged 60 and older. Protein in meals and snacks will give you energy and keep you full. Learn more about food sources of protein and how to include them in your diet.

Spot, Stop, and Avoid Fraud

Protect yourself and others from being a victim of fraud. Learn about common scams and warning signs and how to take action to protect against theft of money, property, or belongings.

Three Meals a Day

Maintain your independence with three daily meals that provide energy to keep your body and brain healthy. Meals don’t have to be complicated or fancy! Learn about ways to quickly cook nutritious meals from the MyPlate food groups.

Thriving in Place

Put plans in place now that support your ability to continue independent living for the years ahead. Identify your priorities, assess your current environment, and explore home modifications to help aging in place be safe and comfortable.

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