Sow, Grow, Eat, and Keep

Gardening is an activity for people of all ages and skill levels! Reconnect with nature to grow and prepare your own food with the Sow, Grow, Eat, and Keep series.

A new package of information about the garden, food preparation, or food preservation will be released each week. Watch a short video and explore the other resources to help you get started at home.

Week 1 - Start a Garden

Week 2 - Selecting Seed

Week 3 - Cultivate Your Health through Gardening and Potatoes

Week 4 - Consider a Springtime Favorite: Asparagus

Week 5 - Container Gardens Give Small Gardens Big Benefits

Week 6 - Eat Your Veggies

Week 7 - Grow and Enjoy Strawberries

Week 8 - Maintain Your Garden and Your Fruit with These Helpful Tips

Week 9 - Cruciferous Veggies … Super Foods!

Week 10 - Honey Can Make a Sweet Source of Nutrition

Week 11 - Garden and Green Bean Safety: Serve Up Fresh Produce, Not Foodborne Illness

Week 12 - Herbs and Spices Are Nature's Flavor Enhancers

Week 13 - Tall Corn State Is Also Known for Its Savory Sweet Corn

Week 14 - Berries, though Small, Are a Nutritional Powerhouse

Week 15 - Tomato Time Is Here for Iowa Gardeners

Week 16 - Summer Squash Is a Versatile Vegetable in Iowa Gardens

Week 17 - Apple Season in Iowa Offers Nutritious Opportunities

Week 18 -