The Science of Parenting


Intended audience: Adults caregivers of children ages 0-18 years
Format: 60-minute workshop; four titles available

Positive Discipline
Parents often cite guidance and discipline as their number one concern. This workshop will help you see positive discipline as an opportunity to build positive parent-child relationships.

Understanding Research and Reality
How do parents use research to help inform their unique parenting reality? Learn about how parenting realities are different and discover helpful parenting tools and techniques.

Children's Ages and Parenting Stages
As kids grow through different ages, parents also go through stages! Learn about those stages, development, and tips for adapting your parenting to your child's age and abilities.

Understanding Temperament
Every child is unique, and individual temperament is one of the biggest reasons why! This workshop will introduce the individual temperament traits and explore how your child’s temperament can impact their feelings and behaviors.


Dealing with toddler meltdowns or an angsty teen who doesn’t want to talk? Find real-life solutions based on the latest scientific research. 

We believe parents are experts on their family and their children. We also believe there is more than one way to raise great kids. Our role is to share research and information with parents to help you make informed decisions for your family. 


SEASON 1 - Parenting Foundations

Season 1 YouTube Playlist

Have you wished you had more strategies for navigating challenges with your kids? Do you want a quick little refresh to refocus on your parent-child relationship? Maybe you are looking for some trustworthy information to do things differently than how you were raised? Wherever you are in your parenting journey, these episodes offer trustworthy and practical strategies for parenting children of any age!

  • Episode 1 - All Things Parenting - listen | watch
  • Episode 2 - It’s Not About Being Perfect - listen | watch
  • Episode 3 - Take a Break and Take a Breath - listen
  • Episode 4 - Slow Down - listen | watch
  • Episode 5 - Defining Parenting Styles - listen | watch
  • Episode 6 - How to Manage Meltdowns - listen | watch
  • Episode 7 - In the Heat of a Meltdown - listen | watch
  • Episode 8 - Keys to Cooperation - listen
  • Episode 9 - Practice, Not Perfect - listen | watch
  • Episode 10 - Just Say No to Judgment - listen | watch
  • Episode 11 - Enjoy the Joys! - listen | watch
  • Episode 12 - What Have We Learned - listen
SEASON 2 - Parent Self-Care

Season 2 YouTube Playlist

Raising kids is important work, and sometimes it's exhausting and stressful. To continue offering intentional affection and attention to our children, we have to take care of our own needs. These episodes offer trustworthy strategies and suggestions for how you can realistically take care of your needs while also caring for your children.

  • Episode 1 - Being Both a Parent and a Person - listen
  • Episode 2 - Getting After Stress - listen | watch
  • Episode 3 - Accentuate the Positive - listen | watch
  • Episode 4 - How to Find Balance - listen | watch
  • Episode 5 - Define Your Philosophy - listen | watch
  • Episode 6 - Embrace Your Support Network - listen
SEASON 3 - All About Temperament

Season 3 YouTube Playlist

One of the gifts (and challenges) of parenting is learning about your child's unique characteristics! Part of your child's individuality is their temperament, which is a specific set of traits they are born with! These episodes dive into different temperament traits and offer trustworthy and practical strategies for tailoring your parenting to each unique child.

  • Episode 1 - Temperament: It’s in Their Nature - listen | watch
  • Episode 2 - Sensitivity: It Makes Sense - listen | watch
  • Episode 3 - Intensity: (Maybe) Not So Calm and Collected - listen | watch
  • Episode 4 - Persistence: Celebrate It! - listen | watch
  • Episode 5 - Activity: It Takes Energy - listen
  • Episode 6 - Temperament and Sleep ft. Macall Gordon - listen | watch
  • Episode 7 - Adaptability: My Way or Another Way - listen | watch
  • Episode 8 - Distractibility: It’s in the Details - listen | watch
  • Episode 9 - Approach: Caution or Curiosity - listen
  • Episode 10 - Temperament and Difficult Behaviors - listen | watch
  • Episode 11 - Regularity: Got Rhythm? - listen | watch
  • Episode 12 - Mood: Silly or Serious? - listen | watch
  • Episode 13 - Fearful Temperament: Shy or Slow-to-Warm? ft. Rob Coplan - listen | watch
  • Episode 14 - Flexible Temperament: About Those “Easy” Kids - listen | watch
  • Episode 15 - The Spirited Temperament ft. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka - listen | watch
  • Episode 16 - Temperament: The Big A-Ha - listen

Additional Resources

  • The Normal But Not-So-Easy Child: Raising Your Child Without Frustration, Anger, or Guilt by Robert J. Hudson, MD
  • Temperament tools: Working with your child’s inborn traits. Revised Edition by Helen Neville and Diane Clark Johnson
  • Is that me yelling? by Rona Renner
  • Is this a phase? Child Development and Parenting Strategies, Birth to 6 Years by Helen Neville
  • Understanding your child’s temperament by William B. Carey, M.D., with Martha M. Jablow
  • The highly sensitive child: Helping our children thrive when the world overwhelms them by Elaine N. Aron
  • The explosive child by Ross Greene
  • Temperament talk: A guide to understanding your child by Kathy Goodman, Lyndall Schick, Barbara Tyler, & Barb Zukin
  • Kids, parents and power struggles by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka
  • Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka
  • Quiet at School by Robert J. Coplan
SEASON 4 - The Parent Job Description

Season 4 YouTube Playlist

Sometimes the job of a parent is overwhelming. Whether you are a new parent or an experienced one, you can utilize the RPM3 research-based parenting model to recenter on the key tasks of effective parenting! These episodes dig into five important roles and share practical ideas for your daily life with kids.

  • Episode 1 - Parent Self-Talk: Beyond Good and Bad - listen | watch
  • Episode 2 - React vs Respond - listen | watch
  • Episode 3 - Protect and Prevent - listen | watch
  • Episode 4 - Monitoring: Keeping Tabs - listen | watch
  • Episode 5 - Mentoring: Setting the Stage - listen | watch
  • Episode 6 - Modeling: Actions Speak Louder - listen | watch
SEASON 5 - Milestones of Child Development

Season 5 YouTube Playlist

Our children are constantly growing and changing - sometimes too quickly! Staying caught up with their development and knowing what to expect with each new stage can feel overwhelming. These episodes provide information about the major milestones at each age and stage and offer strategies for parents to encourage healthy development.

SEASON 6 - Resilience in Tough Times

Season 6 YouTube Playlist

Life ups and downs, but guiding children through tough times is especially difficult. As parents, we might feel overwhelmed, inadequate, or unsure of how to help our child while we might be struggling too. These episodes discuss skills and strategies parents can use to help raise resilient kids in the face of stress and adversity.

SEASON 7 - Temperament Across Ages

Season 7 YouTube Playlist

Every child is different AND each stage has parenting tasks AND my child has different kinds of development? How do I know what to do and when? These episodes answer that question and offer examples of what temperament traits look like at different stages. You’ll also hear helpful, trustworthy strategies for how to meet your child's unique needs based on their age and temperament!

SEASON 8 - Guidance and Discipline

Season 8 YouTube Playlist

Some of the most common parenting questions are "how do I get my kid to listen to me?" or "What should I do about this challenging behavior?". The answer to both questions is related to the discipline strategies we use. In these episodes, the cohosts look at factors that influence our discipline and share research-based, effective strategies for increasing behavior we want from our children!

  • Episode 1 - The Great Guidance and Discipline Debate - listen | watch
  • Episode 2 - Unspoken Aspects of Discipline - listen | watch
  • Episode 3 - Emotions: The Good, Bad and Ugly - listen | watch
  • Episode 4 - Recognizing the Parent-Child Relationship - listen | watch
  • Episode 5 - Gauge By Their Age - listen | watch
  • Episode 6 - When My Child Misbehaves: Deciding on Discipline - listen | watch
  • BONUS - Choosing Positive Discipline - listen
SEASON 9 - Regulation and Behavior

Season 9 YouTube Playlist

Lies, and tantrums, and bad attitudes, oh my! When kids have challenging behaviors, it is often because they need help learning to regulate themselves. Luckily, we can teach our kids how to navigate big emotions and hard situations. These episodes explain the concept of self-regulation, explore contributing factors, and offer strategies to help you along the way.

  • Episode 1 - What is Self-Regulation? - listen | watch
  • Episode 2 - I’m The Adult Here: My Regulation - listen | watch
  • Episode 3 - Regulation in Stages - listen | watch
  • Episode 4 - Tuning In With Temperament - listen | watch
  • Episode 5 - Establishing the Environment - listen | watch
  • Episode 6 - Relationships and Regulation - listen | watch
  • Episode 7 - All About Regulation - listen | watch
SEASON 10 - Feeding and Eating

Season 10 YouTube Playlist

Knowing what, when, and how much to feed our kids is tricky for many parents. To raise healthy and independent eaters, we need strategies that work! These episodes explore how to help your children (of any age) develop healthy eating habits, the importance of balanced diets, and common feeding challenges and how to overcome them.

  • Episode 1 - Kids and Food: Why We Eat What We Eat - listen | watch
  • Episode 2 - What I Bring to the Table: Feeding Styles - listen | watch
  • Episode 3 - Food Parenting Practices - listen | watch
  • Episode 4 - A Taste of Temperament - listen | watch
  • Episode 5 - Feeding in the First 1000 Days - listen | watch
  • Episode 6 - Feeding and Eating with Kids - listen | watch
  • Episode 7 - Feeding and Eating with Teens - listen | watch
  • Episode 8 - Persevering Through Picky Eating - listen | watch
  • Episode 9 - Final Thoughts on Food and Feeding - listen | watch
  • Episode 10 - Baby-Led Weaning or Spoon Feeding - listen
SEASON 11 - Teaching Kids About Money

Season 11 YouTube Playlist

Whether raising a young child, teen, or emerging adult, parents are influencing their children’s future habits and attitudes about money. In these episodes, you’ll learn how you can intentionally shape your children's financial future, raise responsible consumers, and gain practical strategies for cultivating your family’s financial well-being.

  • Episode 1 - Financial Parenting - listen | watch
  • Episode 2 - What Influences Our Finances? - listen | watch
  • Episode 3 - What is the Goal? Financial Well-being - listen | watch
  • Episode 4 - Teaching Children About Money - listen | watch
  • Episode 5 - Teaching Teens About Money - listen | watch
  • Episode 6 - Teaching Emerging and Young Adults About Money - listen | watch
  • Episode 7 - Raising Responsible Consumers - listen | watch
SEASON 12 - Parenting Through Challenges

Season 12 YouTube Playlist

Despite how hard we may try as parents, everything can’t always go perfectly. Whether you’re dealing with barriers to your own functioning as a parent, to obstacles in the way of ideal health and safety for your child, how do we effectively manage and move through periods of challenge? This season’s episodes will explore both personal stories and research-based information to help you build a resilient family and handle difficult situations with your child’s best interests in mind.

  • Episode 1 - Raising Resilience - listen | watch
  • Episode 2 - Good Enough Parenting - listen | watch
  • Episode 3 - Threats to Safety - listen | watch
  • Episode 4 - When it Takes a Village - listen | watch
  • Episode 5 - Rebuilding Relationships with Children - listen | watch  


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