¡Salir Adelante! Pathways for Our Future

¡Salir Adelante! helps Iowa Latino parents and their middle school youth pursue their educational and career goals.

Intended Audience: Latino parents/adult caregivers and their middle school youth (5-8th grades)
Format: 6 sessions, 2.5 hours each


Salir Adelante communicates the idea of persevering ahead or moving forward in pursuit of progress for oneself or one’s family.

Collaboration among families, schools, and the community is key in preparing youth to reach their hopes and dreams for their futures. ¡Salir Adelante! Pathways for Our Future can help communities connect with Latino families to further strengthen family engagement and support to encourage youth success.

    Why ¡Salir Adelante! Works

    The program...

    • addresses topics important to families;
    • respects and honors cultural values;
    • builds on knowledge, skills, and experiences of families;
    • engages the whole family;
    • is delivered in the language preferred by families (Spanish/English); and
    • provides a comfortable, safe environment where families can learn and connect with professionals, including school personnel.
    Program Topics
    • Values Shape Our Futures - Identify values and strengths and determine how to mobilize them to reach education goals.
    • Partnering with Schools for Youth Success - Increase understanding of the school system, including school expectations and tools to help prepare youth for high school and academic success. Identify ways to strengthen communication with school staff.
    • Careers Open Doors - Connect school success to opportunities for future educational training and careers. Explore college and careers.
    • Financing Our Postsecondary Dreams - Increase awareness of opportunities and resources to help finance postsecondary education and make a plan to pay for college or other training after high school.
    • Hopes and Dreams - Communicate hopes and dreams. Explore ways to respond to difficult situations.
    • Celebrating Our Achievements - Acknowledge progress made toward reaching education goals and further plan for youths’ futures. Feel connected to other families, to schools, and to the community.
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    Community Partners are Essential!

    The role of community partners includes helping to:

    • Market ¡Salir Adelante! to Latino families and organizations that serve Latino families.
    • Recruit facilitators and help secure funding to implement the program in your community.
    • Become trained to co-facilitate ¡Salir Adelante! sessions.
    • Help plan and implement follow-up activities (e.g., college visits) with families who participate in ¡Salir Adelante! to further address families’ interests and needs and build relationships with families.
    What families and communities say...

    Youth... I am closer to my mom and feel more comfortable talking to her about my future.

    Parents... This program helped me to know more about education and financial aid programs.

    School Administrators and Staff... Salir Adelante provides a safe space where parents and students can form connections, discuss various topics, and set up plans for students’ future successes.

    Resources for Families