Healthy Relationship Education Training

The research is clear — the quality of adult couple relationships and positive parenting practices are connected to healthy child outcomes. You will be prepared to teach couples and families relationship education skills that support strong and stable couple relationships for healthy and safe children and families.

Intended audience: Professionals working with couples, families, and children
Format: 6-hour course
Certification: Continuing education credits for social workers, counselors, and marriage/family therapists available.

Workshop Topics

  • Care for Self: Being physically and mentally healthy - The factors that cultivate individual wellness and health that support the stability of the couple relationship will be reviewed. Participants will review informational tools and examine how the physical, psychological and sexual health of individual partners impacts relationship quality.
  • Choose: Making intentional relationship choices - Participants will examine informational tools and learn about the types of choices individuals and couples make to lay a strong foundation for a safe, stable, and satisfying relationship—or not.
  • Know: Get to know your partner well - Participants will review tools and information to assist couples to learn about themselves and each other to maintain a stable and healthy relationship.
  • Care: Show affection and respect - Participants will study informational tools and examine the ways couples can show kindness, understanding, respect and caring for each other to create and maintain stable and healthy relationships.
  • Share: Develop and maintain your friendship - Developing and maintaining a close friendship is a part of a healthy relationship. Participants will review how couples can provide understanding and opportunities to foster a shared sense of couple identity.
  • Manage: Deal with differences in healthy ways - Differences and conflict are normal. Participants will be provided tools to teach emotional regulation, stress reduction, positive communication and healthy conflict management skills to assist couples to deal with differences and conflict.
  • Connect: Engage a positive social network - Participants will examine informational tools and learn skills to assist couples to engage social connections to receive the benefits of social support and community ties.

Professional Education

Social Workers, Counselors, and Marriage and Family Therapists participating in the training will receive 6.00 continuing education credit hours. A certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the program to those who complete the program evaluation. Save your course outline and certificate of completion, and contact your own board or organization for specific filing requirements.

Materials are based on the Healthy Relationship and Marriage Education Training developed by the National Extension Relationship & Marriage Education Network.