A Journey Through Parkinson's Disease

If you’re struggling with Parkinson’s disease or know someone who is, it’s helpful to know where to find support on the journey. Learn about the causes and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, and how treatments work, as well as therapeutic activities to do at home.

Intended audience: Adults of any age
Format: Three 1-hour workshops


Session 1: Symptoms | Seeking Medical Care | What to Expect | Diagnosis

DOWNLOAD - Session 1 Handout

DOWNLOAD - Movement Disorders Specialist List


Session 2: Causes of Parkinson’s Disease | How Treatments Work

DOWNLOAD - Session 2 Handout


Session 3: Alternative Therapies | At-home Activities and Tools

DOWNLOAD - Session 3 Handout


** Talk to your healthcare provider before starting new activities **

  • Resistance Training 1 – exercises using hand weights for the arms and upper body
  • Resistance Training 2 – exercises for legs and lower body
  • Yoga – exercises that are part of a class that can also be done at home
  • Boxing – activities that are completed in weekly boxing classes
  • Marches and Bicep Curls – exercise with music, the most important thing to remember is to do all movements in time with the beat.
  • Vocal Exercise and You Are My Sunshine – singing is exercise for smaller muscles to improve the voice, breathing, and swallowing