New Staff Orientation

Looking for an effective way to train new staff?

child care providers reviewing information

The New Staff Orientation (NSO) program provides new center and preschool staff a full, program-based orientation that can be initiated immediately, on-site, and with director supervision and input.

Designed by directors.

NSO was developed with significant input by child care center directors. Their goal was to make their job orienting new staff easier and more effective.

Easy to use.

Each lesson is designed to be easily completed on-site, during nap time or other small blocks of time as staff/child ratios permit.

Comprehensive and effective.

The 30 unit curriculum includes:

  • Fast paced 15-minute video demonstrating best practice.
  • On-site activities to help staff practice newly learned skills.
  • Brief written assignments to assess learning.
  • Review of assignments, feedback and support from ISU Early Childhood Specialists.
Low cost.

Directors must attend a 6-hour face-to-face or online introduction program to learn how to implement the New Staff Orientation (NSO) curriculum. This training is available at no charge to Iowa directors and supervisors. Upon completion of the director's training, directors will receive the New Staff Orientation DVD with 30 video lessons and a workbook master, FREE!

Available statewide.

Find dates and locations of upcoming face-to-face and online director trainings on the calendar. NSO training/curriculum is only available for those child care directors and administrators that have child care sites in the State of Iowa.

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