Kids in the Kitchen At Home

We've compiled interactive games, worksheets, videos, DIY activities, and recipes to help youth have fun while learning about Kitchen Sense and Safety, Fruit and Vegetables, Protein, Grain, and Dairy.

kids in the kitchen bingo

How it Works

You know your youth best, so we've provided options.

Option 1 - Play BINGO

  1. Download and/or print the BINGO Card.
  2. Use links to the food and nutrition activities on the BINGO card listed below to complete squares.
  3. Complete activities on at least 5 of the squares in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row to earn bingo!
  4. Mix it up and try other types of bingo like BLACKOUT, the STAMP, or FOUR CORNERS.

Option 2 - Explore on Your Own
All of the food and nutrition activities are loaded with learning about healthy choices, food safety, and active living. Skip the BINGO card and make your own plan. Choose activities that work best for the learning styles of your youth.

Food and Nutrition Activities

Explore these interactive games, worksheets, videos, DIY activities, and recipes.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

  • Create a song to wash your hands to. Choose a tune, pick your words, you can even make a dance! We should always wash our hands for at least 20 seconds before cooking and eating, short songs can help us know when we have washed our hands long enough.
  • Go on a Plant/Garden Scavenger Hunt. Use our example, or work with your parent/guardian to create your own scavenger hunt in your yard, garden, around your neighborhood, or in your state! Which plants produce food near you?
  • Write out a list of your family's favorite physical activities and do one of them together. Use our example if you need help with ideas. Save the list you create with your family so you can do everyone’s favorite activity over the course of the year!
  • Read The Whole Grain Choo-Choo Train book. Learn more about grains through this fun book!
  • Try a colorful milk experiment. Pull out some simple household supplies and see what happens!


  • Try making Wraps Your Way. This recipe is a favorite for elementary-aged students. Try it buffet style with all different food groups available. Can you get all 5 food groups on your wrap?
  • Make a tasty smoothie using fruits and veggies. Learn how to make a Berry and Greens Smoothie snack using the Spend Smart Eat Smart recipe!
  • Make delicious Peanut Butter Balls. Fuel your body with plant-based protein in the Spend Smart. Eat Smart. Peanut Butter Balls recipe. Try using other nut or soy butter as substitutions, if needed.
  • Make delicious Cinnamon Chips for a snack. Try using whole grain tortillas to make this tasty Spend Smart Eat Smart dessert!
  • Make a Yogurt Parfait. Looking for a great tasting snack? Check out this Yogurt Parfait recipe and make it with supplies you have at home!


  • Learn about washing produce safely. This video will provide you with tips, tricks, and most importantly safety when it comes to washing your produce before eating it.
  • Discover what it means to Eat the Rainbow. Learn about the importance of fruit and vegetables while learning about eating the different colors of the rainbow!
  • Watch and participate in the Plant vs. Animal-Based Protein video. Learn the difference between plant and animal-based proteins, and what they are through this short video
  • Learn about why whole grains should make up half your grains in the whole grains video. Whole grains are filled with fiber and nutrients to make you feel good.
  • Learn what ‘Go Foods’ are and how they help you. Watch this video about ‘go foods’ and learn about foods that are helpful and good for your body. Whole grains are filled with fiber and nutrients to make you feel good.
  • Learn about Nutrition Labels - and check out the label on your MILK at home! Find out how to read nutrition labels, and then take some time to compare different types of milk (i.e., skim, whole).

Virtual Games

  • Play Let Food be Thy Medicine game. In this fun and interactive game where youth are given different symptoms to prevent (stomachaches, etc.) and then asked to pick three different foods that will help protect or get rid of the symptoms listed. It is all about learning how food can help you!
  • Play Fruit and Veggie Memory Match. Put your skills to the test by picking out the correct color of a fruit or vegetable, and then playing a small game of trivia to learn more about the fruit and vegetables!
  • Play Protein Power with Freddy. Ever play the game ‘spoons’? This game is similar but virtual and about protein! The goal is to be the first player to get four cards of the same protein. Through the game you’ll learn what the four different proteins are (plant-based lean proteins, plant-based non-lean proteins, animal-based lean proteins, animal-based non-lean proteins).
  • Complete a Jigsaw puzzle. Did you know that whole grains like oatmeal and even popcorn have fiber and nutrients that help give you energy? Try this jigsaw puzzle with a picture of a whole grain!
  • Play “Keepin’ It Fresh”. Learn all about how cows milk gets to you!


  • Complete the MyPlate Crossword Puzzle. Learn more about the ChooseMyPlate program and healthy food and nutrition habits by completing this crossword puzzle! Check your work using the answer key.
  • Complete the Fruits and Vegetables Word Find. Find the hidden fruits and vegetables in the puzzle and create some goals for eating fruits and vegetables in your own life!
  • Crack the Secret Code! Use your detective skills and the grains AND to decode the hidden message. Check your work using the answer key.
  • Put on your thinking “beanie” and find ten words in the word search all about beans!
  • Color your own cow. Learn about the different types of dairy cows and have everyone in your family draw or color their own!

Looking for more activities?! Try these...

  • Spend Smart. Eat Smart. An Iowa State University Extension and Outreach website for the that has amazing recipes for families and youth to try!
  • Spend Smart. Eat Smart. App. A fast, easy way to find recipes, see what different recipes you can make with specific produce, physical activity suggestions, and so much more!
  • Start Simple with MyPlate App. Download on your phone to help you set daily goals for eating each food group, information on the different food groups, daily recommendations on how much food different age groups should be eating and has challenges for you to complete.
  • Common Bytes. This is an online education platform created by Common Threads. Common Threads has a goal of teaching kids, families, and educators to cook for a healthier life, empowering them to make healthy choices in the kitchen and beyond, and to be change agents in their schools and communities.
  • Food Jokes. These kids’ friendly jokes from Oregon State University Extension make trying new foods even more fun!
  • 5-2-1-0 Iowa Healthiest State. The 5-2-1-0 curriculum helps families make healthy choices that involve eating plenty of fruits and veggies, getting adequate exercise, limiting screen time and staying hydrated.
  • Books. There are a variety of different books that are wonderful to share with your kids when it comes to food and nutrition!  Below, you will find a shortlist of some of our favorites. Check your local library to see if you can check them out there!
    • Chocolate Milk, Por Favor! by Maria Desmond
    • Our Food: A Healthy Serving of Science and Poems by Grace Lin
    • I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child
    • Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli by Barbara Jean Hicks, Sue Hendra
    • The Busy Body Book: A Kid’s Guide to Fitness by Lizzy Rockwell
    • Oh the things that you’ll do that are good for you by Tish Rabe