Wellness and Independence through Nutrition (WIN)

The goal of the Wellness and Independence through Nutrition Program (WIN), formerly known as the Food Assistance Outreach Project, is to reduce hunger in underserved mid-life and older Iowans, age 50 years and older, who are eligible for but not yet enrolled in the food assistance program.  

How we're involved

ISU Extension and Outreach Human Sciences Specialists and County Staff in select areas recruit and train WIN Program Volunteer Educators to reach out to various populations to:

  • Promote awareness of how food assistance can improve nutrition and quality of life for adults age 50+.

Interested in volunteering?

WIN Program Volunteer Educators are asked to:
  • Attend a training session (up to 2 hours) that talks about the program and how to conduct the presentations
  • Contact prospective presentation locations serving adults age 50+ years to schedule presentation
  • Conduct WIN Program presentations (includes in-person presentations, attending display boards, and facilitating WIN DVD viewing)
  • Complete WIN Program paperwork as needed.
To serve as a WIN Program Volunteer Educator in one of the participating counties, contact the WIN Coordinator closest to you:
Melissa Beerman
- Monona
Barbara Fuller - Pottawattamie, Mills, Union, Clarke, Decatur, Fremont, Montgomery
Mary Krisco - Dallas, Madison, Polk, Warren
Joyce Lash - Lucas
Brenda Schmitt - Emmet, Winnebago
Sara Sprouse - Davis, Van Buren
Vera Stokes - Clinton
Susan Taylor - Linn
Vacant - Crawford, Ida
Jill Weber - Black Hawk, Chickasaw
Mary Weinand -  Iowa, Washington, Keokuk
Kimberly Wellauer
- Page
Barb Wollan - Boone
Phyllis Zalenski - Cedar, Jones, Muscatine, Scott

Are you already providing outreach with mid-life and older Iowans?

You can still be involved in WIN outreach by providing space at your location for the WIN display board, or by distributing WIN guides to the participants in your programs.

Program Objectives                   

  1. Increase food assistance awareness, enrollment and usage among mid-life and older Iowans ages 50+ years with limited resources currently eligible for, but not enrolled for receiving food assistance. 
  2. Increase awareness of budget-friendly nutrition practices for mid-life and older adults.
  3. Recruit and train ISU Extension volunteer educators advocating the benefits of food assistance programs to target audience.


Funded by USDA’s SNAP Program, an equal opportunity provider and employer through the Iowa Department of Human Services and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Services.

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