Together We Can

Together We Can: Creating a Healthy Future for our Family

Together We Can: Creating a Healthy Future for our Family is a series of workshops to help parents gain knowledge and skills needed to create healthy family and co-parenting relationships.

An eight workshop series designed for...
  • single parents who have young children, or
  • married parents who are in unstable relationships and have young children.
“We know moms and dads are busy, so each lesson in the series takes 60 minutes or less. Research shows that children benefit when parents collaborate, so we encourage parents to join us to build the knowledge and skills needed to parent together successfully.”


Parents will have FUN while learning how families – no matter how complicated – can work together to resolve conflict and become more involved in their child’s life.


Program objectives

  • Develop positive co-parenting skills
  • Encourage ongoing involvement of both parents in their children’s lives

Parents will learn how to:

  • Set goals for themselves and their co-parenting relationships
  • Create a strong family
  • Make decisions that affect children together
  • Express their needs and listen to their child’s and partner’s needs
  • Manage conflict
  • Make the most of their time with their children
  • Plan for their child’s and their relationship’s future

What parents report after participating...

  • increased levels of trust between them and their spouse/partner and satisfaction with their relationship
  • improved decision making and problem solving
  • decreased aggression in their relationship
  • improved understanding of the link between their parenting behaviors, child outcomes and their relationship with their partner/spouse

Classes are led by trained facilitators and co-sponsored by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

You can help to create a healthy future for families! Consider bringing Together We Can to your community to help single parents build knowledge and skills necessary to form and sustain healthy families and co-parenting relationships. For further information on Together We Can classes or facilitator training, contact the Family Life program specialist in your area.

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