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FIFTY DOLLARS??!!!!!! That's


That's EXTORTION! I've been hunting Morels all my life (I'm 50) and had the best teacher ever; my grandfather. He taught me about all the different types of mushrooms we could find on his farm while growing up as a boy and I've hunted practically every spring since. He also used an awesome field guide book that he would bring to the woods and would show me clearly which ones were the 'right' mushrooms vs. which ones to stay away from. I must have hunted 10 seasons with my grandfather and we would always do very well and the meals we had were out of this world! His special seasonings and beer batter were the best!...

But FIFTY DOLLARS? This should be a FREE service and rather than limiting to just 3 locations through the state, this should be an online venue where people could login to and view the videos. As it is, there are 100's of instructional videos on youtube about proper identification of morels vs. the others.

I suppose I should have known once you see "Iowa State" behind anything, you'll be paying up the gumpstump. Absolutely ludicrous.


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