Child Nutrition: For Schools

child care settingChild Care Nutrition Training

Classes for child care providers focused on learning about healthy, affordable food choices and physical activities for children through seven Department of Human Services-approved class offerings! 

lunch traySchool Wellness Policy

Every school district is required to produce a local wellness policy. Get tips on how to assemble the school’s wellness policy team and assess the current school environment

Eat to CompeteSports Nutrition

Information on the role of nutrition in physical performance for the recreational athlete, competitive athlete, coaches, trainers or anyone interested in improving their overall health through nutrition and exercise.


Are you getting your daily carbohydrate requirement? Use to Carb-O-Meter to help you examine your carb intake.

H2O race

Is hydration slowing you down? Play the H2O race and find out!

Popular Publications

Non-food AlternativesNon-food Alternatives for School Rewards and Fundraising

Ideas for non-food rewards and non-food fundraising ideas for elementary, middle, and high school students

What Schools Can DoWhat Schools Can Do to Promote Healthy Eating

Learn more about the nutrition standards to help schools identify and provide appropriate food and beverage options

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