The Adventure Comes to You

Presented by Iowa State University School of Education and Human Sciences Extension and Outreach, The Adventure Comes to You brings cutting edge research from Iowa State University to the citizens of Iowa.

Summer 2019 Event


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Monday, June 17, 2019  |  9 am – 3 pm
Muscatine Community School District Administration Building, 2900 Mulberry Avenue, Muscatine
No charge to attend and lunch is provided.
Check back for registration information in March 2019

Past participants say... 


  • I REALLY appreciate that ISU came to our community!
  • Take away knowledge and hands on activities were great....
  • Presenters were knowledgeable and good to hear from all the departments.
  • Relevant topics presented in a concise manner.


  • Took what could have been a very complicated topic and shared it in a very understandable manner.
  • I was fascinated with Dr. Schalinske's presentation…made me want to go back to school and take his epigenetics class!
  • I have had very little exposure to human genetics information, and learning about epigenetics is fascinating. My mother is going through chemo…I was able to find some studies…and I am preparing healthy foods for her to aid in her healing and my own!
  • He got me out of my science comfort zone in an intriguing way. I learned a lot!
  • Cutting edge. Thought provoking. Easy to understand despite being very scientific and complex.
  • Alison provided practical information we can all relate to and provided a hands-on activity with the mindful eating exercise.
  • Getting us to think differently about our bodies…retraining our minds to be more present so that we can hear our body's cues. I bought the workbook and I am working through the principles.
  • How she made me think how I can eat or exercise not for losing weight, but for overall wellbeing of myself.
  • Very personal, easy to understand, but firmly based in science.


  • I just wanted to tell you that yesterday’s program was VERY informative. It really related back to youth and families; I plan to use the 5-2-1-0 program in my after-school sessions. I also would love to have Stephanie come do a program with her information on Food Science as more than 85% of people are removed from agriculture and don’t truly understand about food. I am a farmer’s daughter/farmer and I learned a lot from her yesterday---so exciting! It would be very valuable to have more professors from the university come and “educate/update” those of us in Extension. - Katie Diemer, County Youth Coordinator
  • WOW! What an fantastic day at Nashua this past Tuesday. The topics covered by Drs. Lanningham-Foster, Rowling, and Clark were expertly done and extremely well received. We had roughly 50 people attend—some from area hospitals, staff from child care centers as their professional development day, as well as local residents and Extension and Outreach staff. The presenters and staff made a difference in the lives of Iowans! I hope there will be additional Adventures to come. Thank you and your staff for a great educational experience. - Kraig Tweed, Regional Extension Education Director
  • What an informative morning! I recently had the opportunity to attend a session of "The Adventure Comes to You". It was indeed a great adventure. As a retiree, it was stimulating to hear campus faculty share their expertise on relevant topics - food safety, food science, and behavior research. I wondered why as a retiree I should be involved in a meeting with those still employed. My answer - I think I provided a nice touch of reality as someone with a similar knowledge base who is living in the field. I can see both sides even better than when you are in the middle of it as an employee. There is also a good ambassador factor - it's always nice when you can brag about the great work of your former employer. Plus, it's always great to connect with former coworkers and continue to network for the good of the community. My thanks to Rachel Wall for extending the invitation and to all the others who made the event a reality. I really appreciated my adventure! - Jan Temple, retired Human Sciences Specialist, Nutrition and Health
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