Wage-Hour Information

Extra-Hourly Employees (University Paid)

When hiring an extra-hourly employee, the person who will supervise the employee first should consult with Extension Personnel office, 2280 Beardshear Hall, (515) 294-3283, to determine the proper classification and advertising procedures. The Extension Personnel office will then work with the ISU Human Resources Department in order to get the proper paperwork processed to get the new employee into the payroll system.

Employment Forms

Make sure that these employment forms are completed by the supervisor and the employee:

  • Employment Recommendation Form (Exhibit A)--The supervisor enters the employee's name, social security number, nature of recommendation, basis of employment, position title, funding source, effective date, county location, and hourly rate. This form needs to be signed by the supervisor and the appropriate area director.
  • W-4, both state and federal (two separate forms)--Have the employee complete these forms.
  • Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9 Form)--The employee needs to complete section 1, and sign. The supervisor completes section 2. Be sure to examine the appropriate documents, listed on the reverse side of the form. If a driver's license is used, be sure to list the license number and expiration date. The social security card needs to be the original card (the one with the pillars); list social security number and print the name as it appears on the card. Birth certificate needs to show state, county, and book number.
  • Equal Opportunity/Check Authorization Form--Encourage employees to use direct deposit and provide a copy of the voided check with this request. This will eliminate checks being lost in the mail. The first check will be sent to the employee's home address with a dummy deposit to the bank to verify that all systems are working properly. If checks are mailed rather than electronically deposited and a check is lost in the mail, a 10 working day waiting period is required before a duplicate will be issued.

Return all the employment forms to Extension Finance office, 2280 Beardshear Hall, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011-2026.

Wage-Hour Reports

  • The Employee's Wage-Hour Report is completed by the employee then reviewed and certified correct (signed) by the supervisor. Deadlines for submitting these reports to the Extension Finance office are the fifteenth of each month and the last working day of the month. If the form is not received by the cutoff, the pay for the time submitted will be delayed until the next time period. You may fax this report to (515) 294-9781, followed by the original in the mail. You may need to estimate time for the last two or three days of each pay period in order for the wage/hour sheet to be received in the Extension Finance office by the deadline. If actual hours worked end up being different than the estimate, adjustments will need to be made in the next wage/hour report form.

    The official week used to determine if overtime is applicable will begin on Saturday and end on Friday. Time submitted on the fifteenth of the month will be paid the last working day of the month.

  • Time submitted the last working day of the month will be paid the fifteenth of the following month.
  • Any questions on these procedures should be directed to Joan Ballard at (515) 294-2940.
  • Wage-hour reports can be downloaded from the Payroll Manual page under Payroll Forms.

Overtime and Compensation Time 

  • All county paid staff are covered under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • There is a need to understand what overtime and work is and develop a plan to conform.
  • Overtime -- Any hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a week (one week equals 7 days x 24 hours a day to make 168 hours).
  • Overtime Compensation -- One-and-a-half times the hourly rate.
  • Hourly Rate -- The hourly rate paid. For salaried positions, you divide the annual salary by 2,080 hours for the hourly rate. It is the type of work, not the method of payment that determines eligibility for overtime.
  • Compensation time (Comp time) -- Time off in lieu of pay. If overtime, this must be at time- and-a-half. Note: The employer may offer Comp time, but the employee may demand pay. A policy on comp time and carryover is critical.
  • Authorized Overtime -- The supervisor should decide when an employee may work overtime. A process to request the time, or assign the time should be known by all parties. Non-authorized work time that the employer is aware of and benefits from must be paid. Example: OA comes into work a half hour early every day, or stays late periodically and CEED knows it but says nothing. If this results in more than 40 hours weekly, it is overtime and should be compensated at time-and-a-half.
  • Work -- What constitutes work is not as easy as it might sound. There are terms used, e.g., "suffered or permitted" to work, which means if a worker stays later, or comes in early, or works through a lunch period, it is work, and needs to be compensated.
  • It is not appropriate for staff members to volunteer time to do their jobs. 


You can download this information in PDF format: Wage-Hour-Info.pdf