Suggestions for Conducting Interviews

Conducting Interviews

Suggested questions

1. Describe:

  • the specific work performed in the job
  • the relationship of this function to the rest of the office
  • the nature of supervision and reporting relationships
  • the general conditions: hours, travel, training, etc.
  • salary and benefits

2. Discovering an applicant's qualifications:

  • Tell me about your past work experience that relates to this job.
  • What education/training has prepared you for the job?
  • What abilities and qualities do you see in yourself that will help you to be successful in this position?
  • Relate any past experiences outside of paid employment that will help you with the job.

3. How did you hear about the job?

4. Do you have past experiences with extension/4-H?

5. Describe duties/assignments that required organizational skills or describe a project that you organized.

6. What aspects of this job do you anticipate liking the most? Having the most success with? Dislike? Explain.

7. This job requires some flexibility in hours, be available five days sometimes. Will this be a problem for you? Are there any conditions that will keep you from doing this job?

8. Considering the duties of this job, which are you prepared to assume immediately? Which will require some time for you to learn? Do you know MS-DOS, Microsoft Word (for Windows), Excel (for Windows), Lotus, Money Counts, Quicken?

9. If selected how soon could you start?

See also Successfully Interviewing Guide available from Iowa Workforce Development. Call 1-800-JOB-IOWA (1-800-562-4692).


Download these Interview Questions: Interview-Resources.docx