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Basic Core Competencies

ISU Extension and Outreach Staff Core Competencies

The following competencies guide staff employment, development and performance.  The ISU Extension and Outreach Professional Development Team suggests updating this list every five years to address contextual changes.  All Extension staff regardless of their title and classification are expected to be competent in most or all of the items listed under each competency.  The depth, scope and weight of each competence will vary due to differences across job descriptions, classifications and unit expectations.

Workers' Compensation - First Report of Injury Form and Instructions (ISU PAID EMPLOYEES)

All accidents and injuries occurring to ISU Paid Employees at work or in the course of employment must be reported to the employee's supervisor as quickly as possible, even if no medical attention is required. The supervisor and/or employee are responsible for completing a First Report of Injury form and submitting this electronically via the ISU UHR website within 24 hours of the incident reporting.